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Safer home living for the elderly

As we get older, we all dream of settling into homes of our own to live out the final chapters of our lives in peace and comfort. In our old age, our senses start to decline and become far less reliable than they once were in our youth. This leads us having to spend a majority of our days nestled in the safety of our homes.

That being said, our own homes too can pose many challenges to our day to day lives. Once we age beyond a certain point, we simply are not agile enough to react to stimulus around us, and our home interiors can become like a minefield that has to be carefully tread on.

Of course, none of us want such an experience in our old age.

So we’ve briefly explained a few precautionary measures below that should definitely be incorporated into your home (at the earliest!)

Old people are far more prone to slipping given their impaired sense of balance, especially while walking. And while it may not sound like something so dangerous, slipping can lead to a fatal injury that can even result in the loss of life in just a matter of seconds.

Often taken for granted especially in apartment complexes home to many house units, personal security from outside threats should not be taken lightly at all (no matter how highly ranked your city/country’s safety index is). Because as you get older, you become all the more vulnerable to outside dangers ranging from thefts to threats to your life.

Choosing a good location away from densely populated areas in the city will cut the risk down of security threats significantly. Especially if the location is a residential locality and not a commercial/business/tourist locality, you can rest easy fully assured of your safety of you and your loved ones.


Once senility sets in, our eyes struggle to take in light from our surroundings to process every little detail around us. So, there has to be adequate light shining brightly through every corner of the house. This can be achieved by two straightforward methods: allowing more natural light to come in, and incorporating electrical lighting in as many places as possible. Nowadays, there are lighting solutions that can be activated by a simple voice command, making its usage all the more simple.


You know you are getting old when climbing a staircase feels like scaling a mountain! Joke aside, stairs too can be troublesome and a fall down the stairs can be tragic. Equipping your staircase with easy to hold handrails and non-slip stair covering can significantly cut down the risk of a slip or fall. It’s also a good idea to look into investing a stair lift that will make life all the more simple and risk free.

Moving into a home is a decision that has long term implications, often longer than we may expect when making the initial purchase. Hence it’s important to future proof it as much as possible for the years and decades beyond.

We never know what will happen in the future, so we should always be prepared for the worst, in order to live life to its best.

At Valmark, we are sensitive to the needs of the elderly population when it comes to home living. As such, we have made sure that our homes are favourable for elderly to live their day to day lives completely unhindered. All our properties are equipped with features that make life more convenient and comfortable to people across all ages, whether it be small children or senior citizens.

This is especially true in our exclusive villaments at Valmark CityVille. Each villament is equipped with features that keep your security at the highest priority so that you are safeguarded throughout the day and night. Provisions such as CCTV surveillance keep all residents safe regardless of their age. Moreover, every amenity in the community has been built with accessibility in mind, making them easy to access and use as per requirements.  Put all your worries behind you when you enter the gates of our Valmark CityVille and live your best life ahead.


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